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Tom Ford eyewear for women and men is available from Gibson & Syme Edinburgh. Each pair of spectacles in the exclusive range oozes style and is the perfect representation of one of the world’s leading designers. The key to Ford’s success is his unwillingness to follow current fashions, preferring instead to blaze his own trail. His uncompromising attitude can be seen in his stunning eyewear collection which harks back to the golden age of Hollywood. It’s no surprise that impeccably-dressed celebrities such as George Clooney, Daniel Craig, Jennifer Lawrence and Angelina Jolie are often seen sporting the Tom Ford eyewear brand.

Tom Ford spectacle frames for women and men tread the fine line between bold and classic; adventurous without being brash and every pair is discreetly adorned with the Tom Ford signature metal ‘T’. Many styles are also unisex so just choose the pair you like most.

Beautiful, decadent and inspiring eyewear

Tom Ford eyewear includes the range of sleek 1960’s inspired cat-eye frames which are as decadent as they are beautiful.
The Tom Ford eyewear range also includes soft round and soft square frames in acetate and metal and available in various colours including Dark Havana and Rose Gold.

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Tom Ford sunglasses

Tom Ford sunglasses hit the headlines after Daniel Craig’s Bond wore them in Quantum Of Solace. Gibson & Syme carry a small selection of Tom Ford sunglasses for women and men but can probably order the style you’re looking for. Visit our showroom or call us to find out more. The following images are some examples from the new Tom Ford range to whet your appetite.

Visit Gibson & Syme for Tom Ford optical eyewear

Visit our showroom where our friendly and experienced customer service team will help find the right pair of Tom Ford spectacles for you. We can also order the most suitable lenses to meet your needs from your current prescription. Alternatively, we can carry out a new eye test if one is due. Call us NOW on 0131 553 9000 or visit our showroom on Bonnington Road, Edinburgh.

For Tom Ford…choose Gibson & Syme.

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