Silhouette Eyewear at Gibson & Syme

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Silhouette is a sophisticated eyewear brand from Austria. Over the years Silhouette has gathered a following from men and women who appreciate precision craftsmanship combined with creative, yet minimal design. This includes artists, writers and designers from across the world. Silhouette rimless eyewear is also one of the most popular optical brands at Gibson & Syme, Edinburgh. Here are some suggestions on choosing your new Silhouette glasses with some examples from the collection to illustrate the beauty, quality and diversity of the brand.

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Silhouette bespoke design

There are a few steps to choosing your perfect, bespoke Silhouette glasses in a rimless, half-frame or full-frame design and our friendly and knowledgeable optical team at Gibson & Syme will make the process simple and enjoyable.

Silhouette Rimless

Silhouette rimless glasses are still the most popular design du to their minimal appearance and lightweight structure. When choosing rimless glasses choose your lens shape first from the Silhouette range. Based your prescription, Gibson & Syme can recommend the most suitable lens type – either single vision or varifocal - from top manufacturers such as Essilor, Nikon and Hoya and cut your lenses to the desired shape in our workshop.  You may also choose to have your lenses tinted or coated depending on their primary function.  

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Your next step is to choose the colour and style of Silhouette ear piece and bridge. Styles range from Light Attraction to Titan Minimal Art (TMA) Icon with accent rings for the added wow factor and personal touch. Accent rings almost give your rimless glasses the look of a full frame however, they are simply a unique added touch to the lens itself to make your Silhouette glasses even more bespoke. Silhouette TMA Icon Accent spectacles won a prestigious Red Dot award for innovative design this year

Silhouette half-rim or full-rim

Silhouette have broken with convention in recent years and now offer a range of half-rim and full rim glasses. In this instance you would choose your frame first followed by the lenses based on your prescription. 

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Visit Gibson & Syme for Silhouette optical eyewear

Visit our showroom where our friendly and experienced customer service team will help find the right pair of Silhouette rimless, half-frame or full-frame spectacles for you. We can also order the most suitable lenses to meet your needs from your current prescription. Alternatively, our optic we can carry out a new eye test if one is due. Call us NOW on 0131 553 9000 or visit our showroom on Bonnington Road, Edinburgh. For Silhouette…choose Gibson & Syme.